VeraPharm, Inc. A Palliative Care Clinic
VeraPharm, Inc.  A Palliative Care Clinic



VeraPharm, Inc. is an independent, pharmacist-owned patient care clinic that works with supervising physicians in specialty practice to treat their patients for whom access to care is a problem. The VeraPharm practice model could be the new face of professional pharmacy.

The prescribing pharmacist at VeraPharm, Inc. will own and manage the patient care clinic as a free-standing corporation, completely separate from the practice of the supervising physician. The VeraPharm, Inc.  prescribing pharmacist will possess certification from a nationally recognized Organization/Board in the area of specialty treated at the clinic. Certification does not mean just membership, but must designate a proven knowledge level acceptable to the Organization/Board.

VeraPharm, Inc.  accepts ONLY stable patients who have been diagnosed and treated by a supervising physician with a specialty scope of practice. Patients must have a history of successful maintenance on their current drug regimen and must reside at a distance from the primary clinic that makes an on-site visit problematic.

The supervising physician will be available for consultation with the pharmacist 24 hours a day, every day, and will review all patient charts in a timely manner as prescribed by the CA Business and Professions Code. The supervising physician will determine how often the patient must routinely return to the supervising physician’s primary clinic and will also establish a protocol for determining when a patient’s condition has changed enough that a visit to the primary clinic is required. The pharmacist will consult with the supervising physician regarding any patient he deems appropriate.

The pharmacist, as a mid-level practitioner, will examine the patient, order and interpret lab tests, take a current history of each patient seen and maintain complete medical records which will be shared with the supervising physician in a timely manner. The pharmacist will prescribe according to the protocol developed with the supervising physician and will consult when appropriate.



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