VeraPharm, Inc. A Palliative Care Clinic
VeraPharm, Inc.  A Palliative Care Clinic


VeraPharm, Inc, is a satellite of the San Gabriel Valley Intractable Pain Network.


Patients who suffer with centralaized intractable pain are invited to the VeraPharm clinic by referral of the physicians of the San Gabriel Valley Intractable Pain Network.


Therapies iclude:

    Medication Management

    Hormone Management

    Magnetic Therapy

    Stetching and Exercise

    Neuroplastic Re-Training Exercises



K. Scott Guess, Pharm.D., MS Pharm, RPh., DAIPM is your provider at VeraPharm, Inc.  He has over 20 years of experience in treating patients who suffer with chronic pain. Dr. Guess is a credentialed as a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management; and a member of the American Society of Pain Educators, the American Pain Society, and the California Pharmacist's Association, and one of the early Advanced Practice Pharmacists licensed by the California Board of Pharmacy.


The VeraPharm, Inc. Clinic is designed to support the new Advanced Practice Pharmacist practice model being developed by the California Board of Pharmacy. 

Please see the next tab "A New Practice Model" for a more indepth look at VeraPharm as an Advanced Practice site.



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